ॐYoga, Art, Life: The Journey Withinॐ

Yoga, Art + Life: The Journey Within

I am so happy that you’ve arrived here.  It wasn’t an accident; there are no accidents, but I’m here to tell you that I love Illuminating Lives through:

Yoga, Art & Life = Your Journey Within.

Will You Take that Journey with Me, Beside Me, Along with Me?

I like to consider myself a Uber Visionary but I’m just a Regular Gal. Well “Regular” wouldn’t be True. I’m a Creative Yogi Gypsy  & I LOVE LIFE!

Yoga: I’ve been practicing since 1990; self-taught originally; have sat “at the feet” of many masters.  I’d like to pass that on. So I teach!

Art:  I found the love in 7th grade but really didn’t act on it until I finally took an art class in 1986. In 1990, I learned to make jewelry.  I insanely love jewelry & scarves. I also became an Art Teacher and I teach!

Life: I Believe that a SIMPLE Life is Underrated. Wouldn’t You Love to Live Intentionally?

So I teach Online, Private & Individual/Group & Corprate Classes Using Yoga Life Skills & Art for Change w/ Application & Special Invite Only..

By All means, if you’d like to Collaborate, here’s the Place!


Where Our Passions become Objects, Our Lives Change & We Are “INSPIRED BY PURE DESIRE!!” 

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A Birthday, A Sad Moment & A Confession

family is love

Today was my daddy’s birthday. Sixteen years ago my sister was buried…on this very date. An interesting way to celebrate a birthday, don’t you think? I called him today; he was happy!! I missed her today; I love her. I love him. It’s funny how families can be so tightly wrapped in a bond that Read More…

Request: UserJones aka T Pillow aka D Desanti

Stop Harassment & Detach

  Please UNSUBSCRIBE from this & all other information pertaining and owned property of Carrie B (including *unlike* Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, etc) & subsidiaries due to inappropriate language & harassment. It has all been reported and the Enterprise will take further action as necessary. Thank you and our apologies for those who do read Read More…

Want to Play a Game?? w/ Love & Desire

Things I Would Like to Do with You

  I met you and you played games, or perhaps you did not, but in any case though you were close by you were far away. That Waylon Lewis and his newest Facebook site, “Things I would like to do with You“, captured my attention with the quote above as it is familiar to me Read More…

A New Beginning…the Spiral Goddess + Steps to Know Yourself

Spiral Goddess Copper Necklace

While making this Beautiful Goddess Necklace, I felt the urge of “spiraling out of control” but I knew it wasn’t me whom had lost control, it was me who FOUND Control! Life has a way of getting us caught up in things or people who don’t really serve a purpose. Of course, they present themselves Read More…

A Love Poem that had to be Shared!

Love of Arts & Dreams

I’ve been following Shiloh Sophia for quite some time now (talented woman) and she just married the man of her dreams.   Is that possible, marrying the man who cherishes you, delights in your presence and is faithful? No lies, no cheating, no chasing after other women?  OF COURSE IT IS…. And as we all Read More…

The Lie….”Your Pretty”

Love No Other

“Your Pretty” has been said to too many & too often the lie, covered up by another lie to cover another lie why lie about the loss of “tooth?” 2 stories….you cry inconsistant afraid loneliness abandonment fear of being alone   to cheat is the low the low is lowest you are the biggest lowest Read More…

Adventure in Paradise…Yes in Peace! Here are some steps.

Dance for Peace

Find YOUR SPIRIT IN PEACE!! LQQK! Watch this video. Bet you Have to Dance! Every time I hear it, I DANCE…even when I’m running, I dance. What else you may find important? Serenity. Just a guess In the last 24 hours, I have had more PEACE than in a whole year of moving back to Read More…

the COPPER jewelry dream

Copper Hand Stamped Jewelry

  Making a Copper Jewelry Line of Luscious Jewelry   while listening to fabulous music, i am able to create fully, with awareness and in many future moments, i am in the midst of creating COPPER JEWELRY! my soul delights in the H E A L I N G aspects of COPPER and the healing properties i Read More…

It’s Happening AGAIN! Deva & Miten’s 21-Day Mantra Meditation for FREEEEE!!


  Want a New Awareness? A New Look into Serenity?  To Learn Mantras? Tomorrow is the latest JOURNEY into Mantra Meditation for 21 Days with Deva Premal & Miten & I’m telling you…you DON’T want to miss it! I’ve participated every time and I’ve seen them 3 times in person.  She’s an Angel on Earth Read More…

Yogis, Artists & Musicians

In Need of Artists

I’m so delighted & charmed that you are considering sharing  your heArt with my readers & friends! Are you launching an eCourse? Writing a book? Starting a provocative blog series? Opening a shop? Teaching a class? Simply want to share your passions with the world? Spiritual Teachers? Holistic Healing Centers? At the JOURNEY WITHIN, I Read More…

This is exactly what I’m thinking right now…

Photo Feb 12, 12 01 24 AM

An AH-HA Moment: This is me talking to myself presently.  enjoy lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu fdjd dag d gjewg a sdkgu dg;dgkg dghadgdlte2d die wgk asgiad g qeidniqg digehiga;dg no a gdlg big dows gdsie agdgiendg kdgwkg adgklgsdkg dg’aoe2lksd adg’wjgdg adgiu gasg’dg ‘dg ao gogha[00ea ogkdagj ahdga shizaaaam cutroehr teotuweid djwi a geewhiz slg;ag dgaga Read More…

10 Opening for 1/2 Price (super inexpensive) Online Intentional Living Coaching

Photo Feb 19, 7 26 56 PM

  Isn’t it time you take your very own personal life & take the time to de-stress & make yourself WHOLE!! Right at this very moment, I have openings —- 10 Openings! —and I want to help you get started right now!  We will use Hangout or Skype (whatever makes you comfortable) and from experience, Read More…

Affirmation of Self-Love MP3

"I LOVE ME" Download

    Sit tight since I have something special for you. It’s been over a month in the development and finally *sigh * it’s finished. A special download for you entitled: “I LOVE ME.” I’m accepting that the “I LOVE ME” download took a long time to make but I’m happy with the results and Read More…

Yoga, Art, Life: A Journey to Self. New “Meetup” In Scottsdale, AZ


  We have a new Meetup on that infamous Meetup.com…http://www.meetup.com/YogaArtLife/ in beautiful Scottsdale, AZ. We will be implemented activities that will Rock Your YOGA World &  perhaps Your ART World. Yoga is the basis for this meetup yet with the diverse activities & my love of Art, Hiking, Running, Drumming, Music, Chanting, we’re going to surpass Read More…

$1.99 “Eternal Breath” Pranayama Download

Eternal Breath Mp3

  Because I love All the Yoga Spirits who have joined my World of Yoga, I am offering this Pranayama Download “Eternal Breath”  at a ridiculously low price. ONLY $1.99.                           Remember: Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take Read More…