ॐYoga, Art, Life: The Journey Withinॐ

Yoga, Art + Life: The Journey Within

You have arrived in a Soul-Driven Space of Serenity.  Let’s Journey Together  into a Time & Space of Illumination & Personal Growth.

Yoga, Art & Life = Your Journey Within.

Will You Take that Journey with Me, Beside Me, Along with Me?

I like to consider myself a Uber Visionary but I’m just a Regular Gal. Well “Regular” wouldn’t be True. I’m a Creative Yogi Gypsy  & I LOVE MY LIFE! I want YOU to be a Part of It…

Yoga: I’ve been practicing since 1990; self-taught originally; have sat “at the feet” of many masters.  I’d like to pass that on. So I teach!

Art:  I found the love in 7th grade but really didn’t act on it until I finally took an art class in 1986. In 1990, I learned to make jewelry.  I insanely love making jewelry & scarves. I also became an Art Teacher and I teach!

Life: I Believe that a SIMPLE Life is Underrated. Wouldn’t You Love to Live Intentionally?

Learn about: Natural Beauty, Raw Foods, Juicing, Ayurvedic Living, Meditation, Minimalist Running (Prana Runner), Cycling & Hiking.

Yogic/Healthy Living Lifestyle Coach!

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Where Our Passions Become Objects, Our Lives Change & We Are “INSPIRED BY PURE DESIRE!!” 

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This is where the nitty-gritty of YOGA, ART + Life come directly into your Illuminated Life.

Illuminating LIVES through the Yoga of Art & Intentional Living. Simplicity of Creativity & Imagination using Meditation & Alternative Modalities. Defining Life Organically! 

You Don’t Need to Be a Yogi, You Just Need to Be the Authentic YOU!
Let’s Explore & Imagine:

Yoga + Meditation + Healthy Living + Love + Vision + Culture + Creation =
Art & Self Expression.

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